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Celebrating #NotMyKing Coronation with the Illegal Museum of Beyond

Updated: May 18, 2023

Object: Selection of 1970s BBC Radio Jingles Well known for his interests in teenage culture, XRH Prince Andrew amassed an important collection of 0001970/0001980s music memorabilia. Although the contents of this ancient data storage format cannot now be accessed, it is presumed to be a selection of rare BBC Radio Jingles shared with the prince by popular 0001970s music DJs. The contemporary labels list the contents as: Sir Jimmy Savile OBE, 68-87; Stuart Hall, 67-91 OBE; DLT-The Hairy Cornflake, 68-93; Chris Denning, 69-86; Mark Page, 83-86; Ray Teret, 66-96; Rolf Harris CBE 79-85; Garry Glitter, 71-97, known to be firm favourites of the Royal Family and close friends of the not now King. This selection provides a tantalising insight into Royal life at the end of the Second Elizabethan Age and the coming into being of the brief reign of the Last King of England.

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