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Your support will help the Illegal Museum of Beyond become even more illicit.

Support today to support the future.

The Illegal Museum of Beyond relies on funding from many sources, including your support, to collect, preserve, display, and share. 

By supporting us through Membership, Patronship, Partnership, or Donationship, you are helping make our Museum a top-class institution beyond time and space. You could do so as an individual, or through a foundation, trust, or company.

Your vital contribution will support us to create outstanding galleries, curate time-travelling exhibitions, care for and study the collection, engage local and hyperchrological/ hyperspatial communities, and develop our Staff Pension Scheme.

Why support us?

More ways to support us

There are lots of ways that you can engage with and support us, both individually and as a business partner.

We offer venue hire, educational and interactive projects, capital asset management, high return investment products, and opportunities for you to personally take part in our object research and preservation work. Please contact us for more information.

Thanks for your support!

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