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Ritual object


This is a ritual object depicting a species that is now extinct, the ‘Green Man’. From rare surviving scriptures, this creature was believed to embody magical powers, because homo sapiens had not yet invented the chemical composition of ReNewYou© artificial rebirth tonic and were thus unable to metamorphose into other species. Most of the humans from this time have since decayed, but some still remain in the British Museum.

IMoB 5828.93


human, future


Reliquary data

Pre-Muskian era

This object dates from before the Muskian paradigm shift, more commonly known as the Great Confluence, before homo sapiens and what they deemed ‘artificial’ intelligence amalgamated into beings like you or I. Extraordinarily, the data has survived, containing a link for the now-defunct communication platform, the World Wide Web: This data provides evidence of the appearance of the uncivilised ‘human’, coated in the fragile plastic-free ‘epidermis’ that led to their extinction. The ‘human’ performs bizarre rituals with irrational movements, perhaps for religious reasons or as a primitive cry for help.

MB 5828.93


human-AI hybrid, far-future


+^> ±+>. §_. ?§*[+^>

}], ->,§} /+_=±^,_/,


%+.§ +^> ?§*[+^> :, §>, _,*,> -+__§ -[*, %+^ ^< _,*,> -+__§ ±,} %+^ .+:_ _,*,> -+__§ >^_ §>+^_. §_. .,?,>} %+^

A§ b` c/ d. e, f= g- h] i[ j\ k; l± m! n_ o+ p< q@ r> s? t} u^ v* w: x) y% z&

MB 5828.93


alien, far-future




Johann Austad

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