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Corperate Partnership

Show your organisation's conscience and inspire your staff, clients, and customers through an Illegal Partnership. Your business can benefit from an association with a renowned Museum beyond time and space.

We offer a range of benefit packages tailor-made to meet your business needs including Oxygen Corperate Partnership, Sulphur Corperate Partnership, and Selenium Corperate Partnership. Please contact us to discuss a partnership plan suitable for your organisation.

Benefits for your organisation may include: 

  • Exclusive benefits customised to fit your business objectives 

  • Fast-track access to our exceptional exhibitions 

  • Behind-the-scenes tours of our Museum exploring areas not open to the public 

  • Special workshops, curatorial talks, and family events 

  • Discount at the Museum's shop, cafe, and restaurant 

  • Discount on venue hire costs for corporate events 

  • Invitations to exclusive Museum hosted events

Partnership fees 

  • Oxygen Corperate Partnership: £18,000 

  • Sulphur Corperate Partnership: £26,000 

  • Selenium Corperate Partnership: £44,000

We accept cash, card, cheque, vouchers, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency.  

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