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Donate an object

Help us preserve the past and the future by donating an object to our Museum colletion.

The Museum cares for infinite collection items built up through collecting beyond time and space, and we continue to welcome and value offers of donations to the collection. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept everything that is offered to us. We need to know more about the item(s) so that we can assess their suitability for the collection. 

If you wish to offer an object to our collections, please contact us and share tell us more about the material you would like to offer. 

We will need as much information as possible about the objects themselves and how you acquired them, including but not confined to: 

  • Description of the item(s), such as its size, material, maker, etc. 

  • Description of the condition of the item(s) 

  • History of the item(s), such as personal stories associated with it, its acquisition, etc. 

  • Ownership; i.e., if you are the owner, and if not, who the owner is 

  • Donor contact details 

  • Any other documents of information you wish us to know 

Our collecting decisions are influenced by various factors including: 

  • We have particular themes and priorities for collecting. 

  • Some areas of the Collections are already very well developed. 

  • We have to use our space and resources wisely.

  • We cannot acquire material where current ownership is unknown or could be disputed. 

Please use our Donations Form to tell us about the material you would like to offer. We will assess your offer and contact you if we are interested. If your donation is suitable for the collection, is in good condition with good title, we will accept it for the collection.

We accept cash, card, cheque, vouchers, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency.  

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