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Fossilised object signifying high social status


This pen, a purple Lamy Al-Star, has followed me for 4 years. I have moved for 5 times in the past 2 years, and thus I rarely keep something with me for years. Only this pen is kept.
When everything becomes digital, I try to keep writing by hand. People who see this pen say, you must be a delicate person that does value the quality of life. But I do not really write things frequently. Sometimes once a week, I write everything in my life, sunset, animals, foods, friends, deadlines, art, imaginations. Sometimes I write nothing in months. I even bring it when travelling, by trains and flights, but finally nothing is written. It is not just a way to record, but also a symbol of my effort to keep connected to non-digital reality and make something stable in the fast-pace era.

Personal possessions became increasingly rare for resource nomads surviving in the broken world. This fossilised object is likely to have a symbolic function for high status individuals in the itinerant flows, as it would have been impractical as a survival tool.


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