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Fragments of IMoB time-travelling art transit vehicle

Londonium, Cymru

0002012 CE

The crash site was discovered during the construction of the new UCL Student Centre in 0002012 and was subject to ten years of meticulous archaeological excavation and conservation research at UCL Institute of Archaeology.

Painstaking investigation identified that the crash site contained exhibits from a time-traveling exhibition sent back to us from IMoB. Many of the exhibits show remarkable preservation and were well protected by the state of the art transit packaging provided by the IMoB. Unfortunately, the transport vehicle was largely destroyed on impact with our time and place and only vestigial remains could be identified.

Extensive forensic analysis has identified some familiar materials present (aluminium, polyethylene, vibranium, copper alloys, wishalloys, duranium, ferrous metal, unobtanium, adamantium and alicorn), however there are many materials that we are currently unable to identify and lack the technology to reproduce.

An internal investigation by IMoB at the time revealed that William Burroughs, the chrononaut in charge of the delivery had forged his Guild of Temporal Adventurers membership licence and was not authorised to conduct commercial multiversal time journeys. Burroughs did not return to his staff responsibilities at IMoB and is believed to still be jumping between universes to avoid punishment for his continuing criminal activities.


Dean Sully

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