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MIBEC Human Audio Tooth Implants


early 21st century

A fossil of discarded MIBEC Human Audio Tooth Implants (ATI) in form of mandibular molars (dens sapientiae), discovered by American palaeontologist Guillamon Terrière (1914-1997) from Anthropocene paleolandfill deposits near Weitendorf in Austria.

This primitive cyborg technology was a popular in-body personal communication device in the early 00021st century. Following simple surgical augmentation, it used mandibular resonance bone transduction to translate received electronic signals into sounds in the inner ear, and vice versa.

The fossil is a fragment of the mass dumping of audio tooth implants, which followed exposure of MIBEC’s unregulated research on deadly mind control technologies. It was also demonstrated that the implants made some users more susceptible to receiving satanic voices. The failure of RFID microchip implants during the Coronacene pandemic mass vaccinations, led to this type of biotechnology being completely abandoned. It has now been superseded with the organic bioprosthetic technologies that make us today.

MB 5434.1


Dean Sully

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