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human, future

Buzz Lightyear fossil

SSUDS interplanetary visit in 0002500 CE

0001995 - 0002020 CE

As the first human to colonise other worlds, Buzz Lightyear was worshiped by early off-Earth colonists, he was equally reviled by colonised planets’ original inhabitants. In the end, the temples of this religious cult became sites for tit-for-tat decolonisation genocides. Similar effigies are preserved in the geology of many off Earth planets. Deities like Buzz Lightyear died with the destruction of worlds that created them.

IMoB 8395.1

unknown species, future

Effigy of an early exoplanetary colonist

SSUDS interplanetary visit in 0002500 CE

0001995 - 0002020 CE

Evidence of the rampant hyper-extraction of component parts of other's worlds to perpetuate accumulations of excess privilege of The Toofewmuch (2>+) maxexploiters in the Age of Greed and Waste.

IMoB 8395.1


Dean Sully

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