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unknown species, future

Distant Worlds (Hampstead Heath?) 


early Anthropocene (c.0002020s CE)

This rare surviving example of an early Anthropocene landscape painting depicts an unnatural, water-saturated world of aquatic plant forms. It is widely believed to be a fantasy scene, as it is difficult to understand how humans could survive in such hostile conditions. It is likely that humans were forced to manifest such imaginary worlds to distract themselves from their finite mortality.

IMoB 33223.

human, past
approx. 1700-2000

Distant Worlds, painting by K.S.


unknown time, early Anthropocene

This painting depicts an idyllic landscape of lush vegetation thought to have existed in the early Anthropocene. It was pulled from the ruins of a burned down house near Hampstead Heath. It is likely that humans attempted to document the remaining foliage of their surroundings by creating drawings and paintings and taking photographs before the flora had died out. This provides a stark dichotomy of Earth’s past thriving plant life with today’s desolate environment in post-apocalyptic times. 


Kimberly Selvaggi

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