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human, present

The Golden Alicorn

Urbino, Italy

0001475 CE

This gilded horn was taken from the last unicorn and is considered by some to be an act of desecration that epitomises all of the world’s sorrow and folly. Its removal resulted in the loss of a belief in principles of charity, modesty, and chastity which contributed to the inhumanity of Capitalocene. False repatriation requests for the return of this object have been rejected. 

IMoB 33142.

human, past

1m Long Gilded Unicorn Horn 

Urbino, Battista Sforza 

0001472 CE

A star attraction in the IMoB supposed mythology collections, where it epitomises all of the world’s sorrow and folly. It was collected by our rapid response collecting team after its last sighting by the Duchess of Urbino, Battista Sforza in 1472, immortalised in Piero della Francesca. 

The Duchess renowned for her pale beauty, was later subject to turmoil and disrupted emotions that challenged her principles of charity, faith, modesty and chastity, and led to her untimely death at the age of 26. 


Jolly Love

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