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human, present

Ghost Strata from a Sunken Future

Norfolk coast, England

c. mid-21st century

With so much lost to the sea, Ghost Strata became important tools for remembering where land once stood and making visible absent human settlements. As a result of rising sea levels, many communities were left only with the eroded ghosts of places. These presences of long suffered absences enabled them to imagine what had been lost and be reminded of what more would be lost in the future. 

IMoB 33111.

human, near future

Ghost Strata from a Sunken Future


c. mid 21st century

A series of 3 works on paper using giclee printmaking, ink, gouache, oil paint and handmade pigments. These works were made in memoriam of lost homes and buildings along the Norfolk coast caused by coastal erosion in the 21st century. Referred to as Ghost Strata, the memories of these lost houses were drawn in place over images of the coastline they once resided and guidelines, using pigments made from the brickwork of these homes and other synthesized materials, were placed to bind the material memory of these structures to the image. 

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