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human, future

Remains of Kaiju-human body parts

Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Nippon

0101950 CE

Kaijuhumans emerged out of the womb of the early Anthropocene as a result of exposure to radiation from thermonuclear bomb tests in the 0001950s. Early Kaijuhuman hybrids were viewed as monsters and the harbingers of a doomed age of global man-made catastrophe. Gradually, as we learned to live together, humans began to wear discarded Kaiju skin and eventually mutated into the Kaijuhumans we know today.

IMoB 33122.

unknown species
unknown time

Kaiju Study

Unknown location

Since 0001950s

Remains of Kaiju body parts (possibly limb). Gigantic; radioactive; mutated from sea creatures due to nuclear fallout; usually lands on bay areas; mainly attacks major cities.

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