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human, 0002035 C.E.


Bio-prosthetic communication device

c. 0002300-0002400 CE

South East England

This pioneering invention is a prosthetic communication device, designed to be an extension of the human body. Just as hand tools have been vital to human development both creatively and for necessity, theses objects indicate a new layer of technological potential.  The bio prosthetics eliminate the need for separate technological devices, such as mobile phones, meaning there is no longer a risk of forgetting your phone, or having to rummage for it at the bottom of your bag. However, this also raises some questions that are difficult to understand in our present world: who owns the IP address? Would new communication be subject to capitalist intent? Are they ubiquitous or unique- could a hierarchy of style emerge? 

This artefact suggests the transformation of human beings into cyborg hybrids, who make artificial alterations to improve themselves mentally and physically. Of course, this has seeds in our present, with the understanding of our vulnerability within the material world, how can we better understand our place? It also hints at new technology that mimics the bio potential of nature; from plant and fungi networks and systems to advances in bio mechanical transplants. Is this an early precedent for cyborg beings?

iMoB 4927.8

Limb add-ons


Unknown origin

These objects are proven to be the earliest generation of limb add-ons that are popular today. While the latest add-ons allow people to prepare themselves with all kind of technology that would help them in all scenes from leisure to work and under any circumstances, these early add-ons only satisfied the basic need of communication, due to the technological limitation of the Anthropocene. Simple as they are, they have powerfully support the anthropological assumption that human beings have realised the importance of self-updating.

MB 4927.8


human, future



Hannah Morgan


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