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human, 2035 C.E.


Geological sample from Planet Nine


Geological  sample from Planet Nine (alternatively known as ‘David Bowie’ or ‘the Perturber’) is a hypothetical as yet undetected super earth sized trans-Neptunian planet on the outer edges of our solar system. Suggested by Batygin and Brown in 2015. 

It's distance from the sun suggests that it would reflect little light, making it invisible from Earth, However, it is soon expected that (before 2040) enough data will be gathered to confirm or rule out its existence.  


Until Planet Nine is caught on camera, it does not count as being real. All we have now is an echo, however there seems no alternative explanation to the presence of Planet Nine. 

One less reasonable alternative explanation is a hypothetical primordial blackhole on the outer edges of our solar system, too cold to be detected but through interaction with surrounding dark matter could produce detectable emissions. Carl Sagan ‘Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence'

MB 8356.99


human, future


Geological sample from Planet Nine

The near Solar system planetary genocides of the Late ‘Age of Discord’ that resulted in the deliberate destruction of the Planet Vulcan in 1919, the obliteration of Planet X in 1930, the extermination of Pluto and Plutonians in 2006, and ended in the total destruction of Planet Nine in 2040. This was part of the political warfare caused by an overpopulation of elites and exacerbated by the immiseration of inter planetary trade.


Despite being aliens to us, the public outrage that resulted from these planetary extinctions in our common solar system, led to the genocide of Earth elites and interplanetary extension of the right-to-life legislation that Earth’s inhabitants then on enjoyed.

MB 8356.99


Dean sully

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