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human, 0002035 C.E.


Archaeological remains of an iPad

0002011-0002014 CE

London, England

This is a 64GB iPad Series 2, excavated from an archaeological site c. 0003493 C.E. Although commonplace in our present, it is likely that this archaeological find represents a rare archaic object type warranting its acquisition within the Museum of Beyond’s collections. The iPad has been significantly altered during it hundreds of years in burial, and close examination reveals attempts to stabilise and conserve the object. Chance finds in the MoB archives revealed some evidence of this process taking place, seen in the images where visible in the green strips of tape are being used to temporarily hold the broken fragments together. What remains here is the corroded aluminium back plate, which has been deformed, fractured and scorched from either fire, volcanic eruption,  or nuclear disaster. The Apple logo at the centre has been damaged, suggesting the violence of the events that the object may have endured.

MB 2109.7

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Christopher Fairfax (Anglican priest)

 0003493 CE 

Year of Our Risen Lord 1468)


Blasphemous object

pre-Apocalypse, probably 21st century

London, England

The defining symbol of Pre-Apocalypse hubris and blasphemy of the ancients: the serpent's apple with a bite taken out of it, a bite out of what was forbidden,'Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall yet touch it, lest ye die'. For a long period, possession of such criminal collections, which ran counter to the doctrine of the church, were considered heresy and punishable by harsh ecclesiastical court justice.

[Robert Harris, 2019. The Second Sleep]

MB 2109.7




Religious object

c. 21st century

London, England

This metal fragment from an aeroplane is believed to be have been used in religious ritual. With the symbol of Pre-Apocalypse hubris and blasphemy, the serpent’s apple with a bite taken out of it, the object embodies the cult belief that man is the de facto anti-Christ who will herald the befalling of the revelation and eventually become the Messiah. The bitten apple symbolises both the falling of man from divinity and his loss of innocence, according to the Bible, or, ‘the enlightenment of man towards autonomy and his awakening from ignorance’, according to the cult’s description of its creeds. As historians, archaeologists, and religious studies scholars in the recent decades have attempted to restore the relics of the cult temples with the support of archaeological and bibliographical evidence, it is revealed that the plane played an important role in heresy rituals. Believers would bring their respective planes, gathered in the temple, listened to the sermon, and took notes on the back of the plane.

MB 2109.7

9922 ipad 6_edited.png

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