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Family Tier 3 - up to 9 members

This Membership is to encourage visitors to share the wonderful Museum experience with their family. We enthusiastically embrace all family types, including traditional ones and emerging ones. Please include proof of your family status with your application. More information on family status below.

With this Membership option, you will get one Illegal Membership card with your name on it.
You could visit with your family, no more than 9 members including yourself, and enjoy the full benefits of our Illegal Membership.

Family Tier 3 - up to 9 members

  • One Illegal Membership card

  • Full Illegal Membership benefits


This Membership is for any family with no more than 9 members, regardless of their age, species/ type, or other features.

We accept cash, card, cheque, vouchers, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency.  

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